Computer SIGMA ROX 6.0 altimeter Măriţi imaginea

Computer SIGMA ROX 6.0 altimeter



Vitezometru fara fir Sigma cu altimetru.



 Functiile de bicicleta

Current speed
Average speed
Maximum speed
Current vs. average speed comparison
Current cadence**
Average cadence**
Functiile de ritm cardiac
Current heart rate
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
HR as a % of HR max
One target zone
Four intensity zones
Automatic calculation of the intensity/ target and HR zone(s)
Audible zone alarm
Visual zone alarm
Functii de timp
Trip time
Time (12/24 h)
Countdown timer
Functii de temperatura
Current temperature
Altitude measurement functions
Current altitude
Elevation profile for the last 3 mi
Functii amonte
Altitude gain
Maximum altitude
Downhill functions
Altitude loss
Functii tur
Maximum no. of laps (99)
Lap time
Time since start
Lap distance
Distance since start
Average speed per lap
Maximum speed per lap
Average HR per lap
Maximum HR per lap
Kcal per lap
 Average cadence per lap**
Altitude gain per lap
Altitude loss per lap
LOG book
Low battery indicator - computer
Low battery indicator - transmitter
7 available languages
Automatic start/stop
Automatic detection of the second bike
Zone alarm can be switched on/off
Adjustable contrast
Switchover kmh/mph mode
Integrated storage chip for data backup (total and setting values)
Battery type - receiver (CR 2450)
Battery type - transmitter (CR 2032)
1 year battery life - receiver*
1 year battery life - transmitter*
Total valori
Total distance for multiple bikes (2)
Total trip time for multiple bikes (2)
Total kcal for multiple bikes (2)
Total altitude gain for multiple bikes (2)
Calibrare altitudine
 1 preset start altitude
Calibration using air pressure at sea level
Calibration via current altitude
Drumetii functii calculator
Hiking time
Total hiking time
Current altitude
Altitude gain/loss
Maximum altitude
Total hiking altitude gain
Current heart rate
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
Target zone
% of HR max
Audible + visual alarm if target zone thresholds are breached
Four intensity zones
Graph-based illustration of the intensity zones
Countdown timer
Current temperature
Total kcal
Interfata PC
PC interface (opt. with docking station)
Transmission of the settings to the bike computer
Automatic LOG book
Memory capacity of approx. 19 hours
Recording interval (10 s)
Transmission of the trip values to the PC
Transmission of the total values to the PC
Data center 3 functii.
Individual memory evaluation
Comparison of 2 individual memories
Summary of total values
Low battery indicator (opt.)
Device settings via PC (opt.)
Statistical evaluation
Calendar function
Displaying the trip cycled in graph format
Displaying the speed, cadence, heart rate, and temperature in graph format
Comparison of two LOGs
Distribution of the heart rate zones
Intensity zone distribution
Start altitude correction available
Sub-area evaluation
Print all evaluations
Note function
Deletion of LOG sections/parts of the LOG
* With high quality batteries and 1 hour use per day or 4536 mi year at 12.43 mph average speed (batteries available from SIGMA SPORT®)
** Optional with ROX 6.0


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Computer SIGMA ROX 6.0 altimeter

Computer SIGMA ROX 6.0 altimeter

Vitezometru fara fir Sigma cu altimetru.

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